World after the United States of America

Comparison of technological, militaristic and economic underperformance of the USA and USSR
Parallels: Deepwater / Chernobyl, Afghanistan and economic crisis

“Military power is used to conquer land, resources, producers-consumers, to command submission and to impose culture. But economic power can also be used to buy all the above (the elite of the conquered lands – N.K.), political power to command them – and cultural power to convince the Periphery that to be exploited, intervened, repressed and cloned are all in their own best interest.”

Technological failure and energy crisis
BP oil storage explosion in Texas, the bridge collapse in Minneapolis, the catastrophic state of Walter Reed hospital and Blackout northeastern states were not sufficient indicators of systematic and deliberate neglect of safety and maintenance of infrastructure USA, while BP Deepwater Horizon has not started well in the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico and coastal areas, including their food, fishing industries and tourism. The most pessimistic assessment, and they are usually so far been confirmed, indicate that 100,000 barrels of oil leaks in the bay dayle and that could leak for months, and possibly up to five years. There is justified fear of the possible influence of sea water in an empty underground chamber due to equalization of pressure which could result in a tsunami that struck the Gulf country. Also, there are hurricanes, which will cause the oil deep into the Gulf states, of Galveston, Texas to Gulfport, Mississippi coasts will no longer be suitable for life. New Orleans, which is staggering began to recover from Katrina that has halved the population, the U.S. will remain without drinking water, fisheries and tourism, becoming a ghost town. The use of nuclear bombs to close hole probably could still worsen the situation, since they would collapse after the hole opened up ,ultiple BIGGER hole, also fracturing seabed opening many more oil geysers. Human technology seems to be unable to close the hole, but can only arrange the collection of oil directly into tankers with enormous cost containment and cleanup cost. An initial $ 20 billion could be just a drop in the ocean of total costs, taking into account that it was size of last year BP’s profits, without taking into account nothing worser business results of other oil companies.
National anger against the irresponsible and corrupt oil industry should result in a drastic reform: banning coastal drilling (offshore drilling) and mass drastic penalties for non-compliance with safety and environmental standards. Instead, the public can meet the limited punishment BP, which shows no intention to change the leadership of the company nor the manner in which they work. There is no reason to think that the Deepwater Horisont is exception, but the rules of procedure of the whole industry. All this requires reform of the MMS (Mineral Monitoring Service), which should “get teeth” and the dismissal of the entire upper management that is fully connected with industry lobbyists. Because of its importance, MMS should be included in the system of Homeland Security, as well as to strengthen their cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, countering corruption decisively and thoroughly. For national and global security it is necessary to drastically reverse the entire U.S. energy policy, away from oil, gas and coal in favor of nuclear power (nuclear fission, and fusion) and alternative energy sources. Necessary are huge public investment in transport and energy which will fully occupy the state treasury, which will probably be at the expense of social welfare, health, pensions, armies. USA is the biggest consumer and importer of energy from unstable countries whose governments and populations pose numerous safety concerns before the U.S. government and private energy companies. No existence of a national strategy of production, transport and protection of energy and energy systems in particular makes America vulnerable to incoming solar storm 2011 Drastic increase in the prices of energy caused by increasing demand in developing countries, as well as wars, sanctions, strikes and riots in the exporting country (ie Libya, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Nigeria), will further deepen odlijev capital from developed countries (USA, EU, Japan) and recession. The energy crisis is a direct consequence of financial manipulation of energy prices and currency, and military destabilization in the world.
Unfortunately, nothing points to a decisive change and a complete turnaround USA. The only measure on which it says is Cap & Trade (trade CO2) that would maximize additional resources from the economy at a time when the entire world economy on its knees before the danger of growing into a new Great Depression.
Federal States are faced with a decaying transport infrastructure, fiscal bankruptcy, rising crime and illegal immigration. The economic crisis has created a new generation of young employees who are never or disclose crime or radical movements (from neo-Nazis and racists, radical leftists-antiglobalista, antikapitalista). Many districts (county) are turning to the issuance of local money in order to keep the money in the local community, trying to prevent real money drain in banking and corporate debt system.
Military Crisis

Unpopular wars, reduce military benefits (free education, a permanent job after the 40-well) will result in ever smaller number of volunteers in the army, the transformation of the military in social institutions for the poorer classes, especially racial minorities, and will also have to face increasing income of foreign nationals in the military that will only after the guideline period obtain citizenship. The growth of the required forces in the wars in the Middle East, including the expensive (in technology and personnel) conflict with Iran and Syria, and the accumulation of military forces in Korea, on the Mexican border, the cleanup of Gulf oil spill, nuclear tensions between India and Pakistan (due to increasing instability of the local regime) will completely overstrain U.S. military machinery, which is without any serious allies (USA in all operations involved more than 90%). The military budget and troop levels will rise dramatically, although there will be reduced investment in the development, quality people and technology. National Guard will become an additional unit of the armed forces, professionalized and distant from the basic idea, temporarily mobilized by citizen-volunteers. In times of crisis this is a key element in the use of the military in internal security and politics.


Nationalism / antiimigration movements and human rights violations
Both countries at the height of its imperial period were, at least verbally, open to all people, regardless of nationality. Growth crisis in the United States began introducing the phenomenon of the county (county) and state law that allows the control population (proof of citizenship available to the police), to prevent access to public services (schools, hospitals, police protection) in which illegal immigrants are treated as criminals, and all citizens as suspicious until proven otherwise. Amazingly, that even the U.S. Supreme Court accepted the interpretation that “the right to remain silent,” the suspect can achieved only through direct verbal request!! Just as the right to a lawyer. Although therefore still the “Miranda” rights exist, they are meaningless becose of police and law manipulations. This antiamerican tendencies directed against the scope of human rights, since habeas corpus and the right to trial before a jury (not applicable to non-citizens in the USA, the opinion of the Supreme Court, regarding Guantanamo and similar practices) has become a practice that is not at all different from the practice Soviet Union. Yet no state has not introduced border controls and so-called internal passports, but it seems only a matter of time.
Financial causes of economic crisis

USSR in eighties was overdebt, could not produce enough goods and services for a sufficient amount of international convertible currencies. The consequences followed: rising unemployment, massive illiquidity (lack of cash for wages and pensions) and lack of investment which caused unprecedented stagnation and demoralisation, ie. loss of confidence in the country. Opening to world markets that followed caused a drain of the remaining foreign currency in an effort to maintain, resp. raising standards.
In today’s world of completely open markets and cut subsidies for the production follows the biggest crisis that is coming: the crisis of derivatives. The total amount of derivatives is estimated at aproximatly eight times total assets (not annual GDP) of the world ($ 800 000 billion in 2010.) Consequences of the dramatic decline of the dollar and U.S. government bonds, which are nothing better than Greek, will cause abandonment of dollar as world reserve currency , creation of a new world currency (probably based on special drawing rights of the World Bank, which will even have to buy the U.S. interest, to fulfill its international debts, sinking deeper into debt. For the repayment of debts growing states must sell assets, as well as offer hitherto unimaginable great interest on the bonds, reduce the number of employees and to limit or stop the investment. In short, the same consequences that has seen the Soviet Union.

Mass culture is the most direct indicator of the decadence of society, but also a catalyst for accelerated deterioration of social cohesion. Corporate Media (assembled in a matter of international chains under the control of world banks) will make every effort to dis the people (voters) perceive the real problem, producing an increasing flood of irrelevant and shocking events, the growth of propaganda devoid of facts and finding the culprits in all different from “ordinary “(WASP, Libertarian, isolacionist, tea party), particularly in the political establishment in the country and the world. Mostly everyone will be blaimed except the corporations, which would represent a guarantee of employment, prosperity and safety (strengthening the role of private security companies on within the USA). Tea party 2010th Do not party is not a aberration, but rather an indication of future direction ekstremisation of political scene that will become dominant in home country (West, Deep South), which will deepen the antipathy toward the coasts as well as places that require social, environmental, financial assistance.
Glasnost is the period of the history of the Soviet Union that preceded Perestroika and included the complete freedom of speech (including nationalism and isolationism), with full disclosure of the ruling elite (party and state leadership) as inadequate to provide energy, food and jobs for the masses. Perestroika was a failed attempt to expose to the market economic system of production, transport, store brand uncapable to compete in price, quantity, quality against external competitors. Lack of clear strategy and no change of management and clear accountability to the owners has caused a great transfer of goods in the post-Soviet era, called privatization or, more accurately Conversion (Transformation). It is interesting that, although related to the economic area, the term is taken from religion, because it did not occur to economic changes, but only “belief” that someone should be registered as owner, and based on “belief” (Latin credo, the belief) that is  loans that actually based on complex contracts have never even had to be repayed. At best, companies themselves have bought themselves for their new owners, but in practice they most often went bankrupt, taking the rights of workers and transferring them to the burden of the state, while owners kept their property, machinery and the market for imported products. Such policy inevitably led to the systematic corruption throughout the state and all departments, leading to rapid and complete, first production, then a financial collapse. In Russia this period began with pulling out of Afghanistan (1988-1999) and culminated during the Asian crisis. USA is located at the beginning of that same cycle.
Collapse of the Soviet Union had the external effects of the military withdrawal of the Soviet Army at the border of Russia, the introduction of the multiparty system and media freedom, but its causes are the economic collapse that is evident in the devaluation and inflation machine, the inability of the state debt service and the majority of companies (insolvency). Russia begun to solve problems of foreign investment, deregulation, privatization and new borrowing, which all just deepened the crisis, solving the symptoms rather than causes of the crisis. USA today is just about before this moment.
Moment of the collapse came suddenly and unexpectedly. The forces of status quo that opposed the changes attempted by force to preserve their positions, but they underestimated desire for change and progress of the people. The moment when they pulled a line in sand, they created an icon around which  all the reformist forces had to gather. In Russia, it was Yeltsin on a tank. In America, 21st century, the question is whether it will be Obama. Or will he follow the fate of Gorbachev, a moderate and reluctant reformers, in a moment when country needed a revolutionary?
The Russian solution was to return to their traditional support, a strong centralized national government that nationalized industrial production and the banking sector, ensure the safety of citizens and renewed strength of the army and intelligence services that protect the state leadership with full control of the political scene. An independent judiciary, free media and human rights are a thing of fiction, and the state returned to the principles of the spread of imperialist influence and collecting power at the expense of neighbors (see the energy war against Ukraine and now Belarus, and Georgia’s invasion occupation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and Chechnya ).
This Russia is the only spacefaring nation (a nation capable of sending man into space), while the USA turned off their space shuttle program, giving up return to the moon, delaying human flight to Mars after the 2020th. In contrast, China plans to establish a permanent base on the moon by the end of the next decade.
America increasingly looks like Spain at the end of XIX. And less as Britain in XVIII.ct.
The advantage of today’s world is a qualitative leap in the speed of response and the width of the mass of the changes involved, and therefore it is quite conceivable that changes in the USA to run faster, be more humane and grounded in an independent judiciary (big difference from the Asian civilizations, with which Russia is related) from the European Velvet Revolution 1989th. Elections 2012th seems to be a choice between the directional America: Will continue in the direction of Latin American corporate corruption, or will turn the original rule of the people. It is possible that, at least short-term (historically) the internal differences may result in temporary divisions in those countries the reform and those isolationist. The disintegration of the federal civil service, will not mean a rejection of U.S. nationalism, nor will it be the end of American history.
Only the beginning of its (re) integration into the world community on democratic, rather than imperial principles.

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